Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Junk glorious junk

We're just back from a long weekend in a country town a couple of hours from here called Castlemaine. It has a very rich history, and it is very picturesque, but my favourite part of town was around this store here:

It was amazing! In theory, you could have a piece of furniture your great grandmother left you, with a damaged draw pull on it, and I bet this store would stock that particular drawer pull! Check this out:

They have heaps of old little collectibles too:

keys and crystal balls:

and some gorgeous gates:

and some tools and LouLous - oh - no wait, she's mine:

and a miscellany of interesting vintage things that certainly warrant a return visit someday soon:

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  1. Oh, I want all that junk!!!! You won my blog giveaway! SO pick out a digital sheet from my store and email me your choice at krishubick@hotmail.com


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