Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hush.....I know a secret

This is a little project I completed using my A la Tarte kit from Lime Tart. I made it for my daughter Rachel - the middle child. I'm often hit with the feeling that she misses out on a bit of one-on-one time with me. My youngest child is home with me all day, and my son gets my undivided attention when he reads, or we research something on the internet, or we do his speech therapy work.

So poor little Rachel - not that she'd ever complain - doesn't get much of my time. She was thrilled when I presented her with this piece to hang in her room.

It's basically a chunky white frame with a card front attached to it. Rachel thought the little fairy asleep under the mushrooms was too cute! I added the Pink Paislee glitter to some of the mushrooms, and some of the little diamentes for some extra dazzle. All is not what it seems though.....lift the card front up......

and there's a little hidey-hole, just large enough to secret away some essential girly supplies:

We'll hang it up on the wall where she can reach it, and her little sister can't. I can see this frame being used a lot in the coming months (lip gloss, packets of gum, coins......until LouLou grows tall enough to reach it that is!


  1. OMGOsh! How cute is this?! LOVE the idea of a secret hiding place, and that little sleeping fairy is just too sweet!!!

  2. This is gorgeous!!!! I love it! I also love your cards down below :) Way to showcase that fairy and those flowers!

  3. Such a beautiful surprise for your daughter!

  4. What a sweet idea T. I'm sure Rachel will be loving it to death! I'm sure she understands .. kids are such amazing things .. I know I under estimate mine way too much!
    P.S. Glad to see you were safe from the fires .. boy they must have been real close to you!

  5. Very cute!

    Hey wahts happening with the Collab book for 2009??



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