Sunday, 1 March 2009

A sad week

It has been a very sad time for my family - our brother-in-law Sam passed away on Thursday 19th February at 8am.

We were called to the hospital the day before, so we got to spend his final hours all together as an extended family. He had battled colon cancer for almost three years, suffering immense agony for too too long.

He was my children's favourite uncle, a kind and gentle man. He always had a lot of time for us, and he was the type of guy who would genuinely give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

As the song goes.....only the good die young. Obviously the big guy upstairs has other plans for Sam - I'm happy that he is out of pain now. I'm happy too that we had him in our lives - we are definitely better people because of it.

I had to take a little bit of family time away from work, hobbies and blogging, but I'll be back really soon.

My children look up to the sky at night, and pick out the brightest star, and say "There's Uncle Sam." I just love that.


  1. Sorry for your loss Teresa. Sounds like he will be missed...

  2. Sorry to hear of your family's loss. Thinking of you.

  3. Our deepest sympathy for your loss Teresa, life is far too short sometimes

  4. Teresa..I am so sorry for your loss...He sounds like a fantastic man to have known..glad your kids got the chance to spend time with him..and know him..
    take care and thinking of you


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