Tuesday, 1 April 2008


I've been a bit busy lately, and when I cleaned my desk last week I discovered 3 tag books from an ArtyOz swap I joined waiting to be worked on. D'oh! I have let them pile up, haven't I?

Here's what I did in them:

This first one is the sign-in page in my own book. I originally chose another theme, but I thought it might be too difficult for everyone to find images to put in it, so I changed to an old favourite - Vintage Children. The background paper was a bit busy for the rub on title, so I just sanded it back to white before putting the title on. Looks a bit cloud-like now.

This next one is my page in Gail's book. Her theme is birds - one I thought I'd have no trouble with at all. I thought I'd start with a textured background, and then put acrylic washes on it using my Golden paints. Then I got stuck. I' not entirely happy with it, but I've stared at it for long enough, and I can't work out what's missing. Maybe when it gets home to Gail I can get my hands on it again.

This last one is my page in Deb's book - her theme is angels. I found this gorgeous image on the internet, among others of cemetary angels (not sure if Deb would appreciate those as much as this clean-lined sculpture). It has a wash of uszhh on the whole thing (that's a DeMeng term for a mix of gold and black Golden acrylics), and a grungeboard scroll that has been rusted. I loved the quote I found, and thought it was perfect for this very very wide page. I wouldn't have thought, but a few people who have looked at it have said it's obvious I've done calligraphy. There you go!


  1. I think all of these are beautiful, Teresa!

  2. Wow Teresa,
    They are gorgeous!

  3. Teresa..these books are stunning I can't wait to see them in the real..I only hope when I get my chance to do my page I can live up to your standards...haha..nice work

  4. Your book is BEAUTIFUL, so creative!!


  5. You have been a busy girl...they're great Teresa. I hope I get to see some of these books when they're finished.

  6. They all look stunning Teresa, I can't wait to see my book in RL, love the background.

  7. Wow you've been busy! They all look fantastic.


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