Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day

It's very early in the morning, and I'm up and ready to go to work. I'm debating on whether to wake the children or not. If I do I'll be late for work, but if I don't then there will be three disappointed children. What to do, what to do.

Here's the card Rachel and I made last night for my mum. Stamps by justjohanna, chipboard bird by Collections. I dropped some flowers in to her last night so that she would have them all day today (this also means I got in waaaaay before my sister, he he).

I hope everyone enjoys today, whether you're a mum or not!


  1. Happy Mother's Day. I like all the texture on your card.

  2. such a gorgeous card!!! :)

  3. Beautiful card! Love the colors.


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