Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Adding a flourish

It feels like ages since I was in a plain old, not a book but an ATC swap. This is one hosted by the marvelous Ness, and it's theme was Autumn Leaves flourishes or swirls. It was soooo difficult for me to use a flourish *NOT*! All I had to do was pull out one stamp out of the three sets that I own (and that's just Autumn Leaves sets).

I recently received Sally Jean's book as a gift from my sister, and I wanted to incorporate glass and soldering and printed text. However, I'm scared to use glass (I cut myself with paper - imagine what I'd do to myself with glass!), and I've never used a soldering iron, so I had to improvise. It kind of lost it's Sally Jeanness along the way, but I'm still happy with it! What do you think?


  1. Teresa I think this is just stunning...I can't wait to see it IRL....really nice work as usual

  2. I loooooove your atc, lucky me I get one too!

  3. Just gorgeous Teresa!!
    Beautiful work

  4. It beautiful Teresa, sob I'm not in the swap I want one.

  5. I got one even though I wasn't in the swap and may I say the photo does not do it justice!

  6. This is a gorgeous ATC. The soft colors and the background are wonderful.


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