Sunday, 21 October 2007

Jo's altered book

.........or really just another chance to add a nude! The theme for Jo's book is Paris (not green or nudes ;-D). I used some gorgeous Basic Grey paper, some beautiful ribbon, a stamp from Stamp It and a couple of other little embellishments. The paper already had some aqua highlights, but I thought I'd add some more. For this I used some embossing powder and some rub ons. On the bottom right hand corner is a number - not the astrological symbol for pisces! It's a bit cheeky, but the French invented it, didn't they? If they didn't invent it, the certainly perfected it!


  1. Jo's going to LOVE that page Teresa its gorgeous, I hope the next one you do is just as wonderful.

  2. Wow! What a sensational piece!
    Love how you have used that sparkly ribbon. Couldn't be a genuine Teresa creation without a little joke on the side.

  3. Jo was confused about the Paris theme but then saw the soisant neuf! That's OK now! LOL


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