Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A week's worth of fun

WOW - what a week!

School holidays finished and the children are back at school- I have mixed feelings about that. I got sick of the constant sibling squabbling, but then again, I won't be getting any more of this:

yeah.......breakfast in bed. This particular preparation was by my 5 year old Rachel - the beautifully arranged segments of mandarine on a bed of honey on toast. Or so I thought - the bread wasn't actually toasted, which was quite a surprise for my delicate palate. Isn't it beautiful? I must say the combination of honey and mandarine is interesting.

I got to catch up with some friends on Saturday at Liz's house. Greta, Jenny and Sarah were also there, and after a little bit of show and tell and mucking about, we went to a junk shop. I took the camera with the idea of taking photos of us shopping (something we do very well!), but all I got was an interesting back room at the junk shop before the battery ran out. I blame Jenny - "hey Teresa, look at this - how good is your flash? No, not yours, the camera's." Here is one of the photos, which turned out great despite it being very very dark:

Blogger is playing up, and not letting me upload any more photos, so I'm going to take my bat and ball and go home. I'll be back as soon as Blogger finishes it's tantrum!!


  1. Love the picture even though it was dark it looks great,So good to catch up with you the other weekend

  2. Mmm the toast looked so good.


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