Monday, 4 August 2008

coffee anyone?

I absolutely adore the smell of coffee. My favourite coffee would have to be a cappuccino - the frothiness lightly sprinkled with powdered chocolate. I love how it holds the sugar up for a fleeting moment - for just a second everything is silent, until the sugar tumbles into the coffee and the all the cafe sounds fade in again.
Yep - there's something captivating about coffee - I just can't bring myself to drink the stuff!

This is a card I made using Flair Designs papers and Odd Bird Planet stamps. I love the combination of browns and whites. I guess this card could be used to invite someone over for morning tea (or coffee!). Cupcakes would definitely have be on the menu. Anyone interested?


  1. Wonderful work with the Flair papers!

  2. You can almost smell the coffee looking at this piece. I love the muted color palette you have been using in your last few cards.


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