Thursday, 19 December 2013

Shabby Advent Calendar

This is an Advent calendar we made in a class I taught last month:

I took the photo when there were 39 days left until Christmas. Now there are 6. Dunno what happened in between, but I think everything is ok. There haven't been any policemen knocking at the door so if something did happen, I reckon I got away with it ;)

This is a Collections chipboard frame, covered with FabScraps papers, paint and a couple of flowers. I strung some twine from one end to the other and pegged the numbers to it. It's so light I have it blu-tacked to a wall and it's so easy to change the days as we hurtle uncontrollably toward Christmas. The numbers are a Darkroom Door set called Big Numbers and they are perfectly distressed for this type of project.

I have a couple more Christmas posts coming - stay tuned!

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