Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Simply Red

I was very fortunate to attend one of the Simply Red Farewell concerts here in Melbourne. We had tickets to go last year, but the concert at the Rochford Winery was cancelled due to its proximity to the Black Saturday bushfires.

My friend Jo had gone the night before, so I knew we were in for something special.  Marcia Hines was the support act - she was BRILLIANT!  Let me just say, any woman who has the confidence to go outside wearing a green velour pantsuit and sparkly belt deserves your undivided attention. The woman can sing - now that's what I'm talking about!

I knew from Jo that it would be ok to take my camera, so I'm sharing some of the shots I took.  Here's a shot of the entire stage with lighting:

 They sounded as fabulous as ever as they played ALL of my favourites.  At one stage, Mick removed his ear pieces to tell us that he couldn't hear a thing in one ear.  He had a cold/ear/sinus thing happening, and kept blowing his nose. I'm keeping an eye eBay for those used tissues LOL

Despite the man cold, he sang beautifully - not one off note.  Wish I could do that! I only sound great in the shower.  Here's a close up of the only red head I've ever wanted to marry:

Yeah - I'm pretty sure I've seen a face like that on the side of a bucket of fried chicken. I'd still kiss it every morning if he woke me up with a song ;)

I'm off to play my CD of greatest hits, and read the programme I bought at the concert and relive some of the magic. If you don't know me by now......


  1. SO jealous - I was in Qld when they were in Melb and I was in Melb when they were in Qld. they are AMAZING live!! Great pics too!

  2. Cool photos Teresa! I love Simply Red, have never seen them live though.

  3. Awesome shots, T! Sounds like it was a great show :)

  4. LOL at Colonel Sanders! Your photos are awesome!


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