Monday, 11 October 2010

Cupcake weekend

I promised both Rachel and Elouise they could have birthday parties this year. Despite having celebrated their actual birthdays in March and July respectively, last Saturday was P-Day.  Two girly birthdays on the one day. I MUST be insane. But, a promise is a promise, right?

You can imagine the wonderful smell in my kitchen - over 60 cupcakes baked, and around 40 of them decorated. One thing I love about baking is that you eat your mistakes.....which is really no incentive to be at all perfect! My super tight jeans today are testament to that lack of perfection. Anyhoo....moving on.....

Here is the design for Rachel's cupcakes:

Quick and easy - chocolate cupcake with purple frosting because purple is her favourite colour.  I sent the cupcakes home in boxes:

 Elouise had some trouble deciding on her design, so we had some of these with a banana lolly:

and some of these:
 Yeah - wichety grubs sticking out of a pile of mud, snort. Cute eh?  Cute, but too tall for the cupcake carrier, so the grubs were pulled out and replaced with this:

 ...a flat freckle. These cupcakes took about three times as long as the first lot because I had a couple of "helpers".  I'll call them helpers, more because they were helping themselves to the lollies than actually helping me decorate cupcakes. And don't believe them when they say they weren't helping themselves to the chocolate frosting  - they were both lying through their pencil thin chocolate moustaches.

Our next birthday is not until December, which should give my pancreas enough time to recover. It has been worked hard this weekend!

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