Monday, 4 January 2010

A new year first

Does your family do that thing on new year's day - walk around and say stuff like "gee - I haven't had a shower since last year" or "I'm starving.  No wonder - I haven't eaten since last year."  It was all fun and games here on new year's day.

I carried some of this frivolity with me to work (yep - people do have the audacity to get sick on holidays!), where it quickly wore off when I had to focus on serious matters like pus and where I was going to eat lunch.

I've had some wonderful things happen on the craft front, including some new (well, second hand if you want to be specific) furniture in my studio.  I'm loving my space at the moment!  I even found some time to make some things, and I can share one of them now.

It's a Happy New Year card made with some products from Twiddleybitz, in particular the colour sprays. It's just so quick to colour an item with a spray (and fun to boot!), but if you want to save some product, you can always just brush the colour on after shaking the bottle.

I've used gorgeous October Afternoon papers, some Rain Beetle shimmer spray on the frame, and some Quince shimmer spray on the stars. 

Have you had time to play in this new year yet?  I'd love to see what you've made.

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  1. Ewwww - pus, and then lunch. That's revolting! Happy new year, hope to catch up with you soon,


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