Friday, 30 May 2008


These are some pins I made for a(nother!) swap I joined. I like to occasionally do something that isn't an ATC - this swap certainly qualified for that!

These pins were weeks in the making. I kept having to stop and start because of other committments, or unavailability of product. I'm a bit glad I've finished them! I saw Niamh from Pipedreamink demo something like this at the last Paperific show. I was in awe.....until Niamh asked me to stop dribbling into her UTEE ;). Seriously tho - she made it look sooo easy, and the result was so effective that I decided to join this swap and try out this technique.

I started of with a small piece of really really thick chipboard. I put three coats of Opals UTEE (the colour is called Lady Barron), then while it was still molten, I pressed a swirly background stamp into it. When this cooled, I put a bit of Fantasy Film over the top and heated that with my heat gun. It melted into the little valleys formed by the swirly stamp. That bit was so mesmerising, that I over-cooked some of them!

I put copper Krylon on all the edges, then wound some copper wire with beads threaded on to it around and around the chipboard. I stuck a pin back to it with Liquid Nails and voila! All done.

Now all that's left to do is find someone to wear one - I'll start with my Mum - she'll wear anything. Let me know if you see anyone famous wearing one of these pins, won't you? He he.

ETA: the photo. Thanks for the gentle reminder LOL! At 2am, the save button can look exactly like the publish button. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!


  1. The pins sound neat! I want to see a photo, please!

  2. Teresa, where's the must have been tired when you did this post. lol

  3. What great pins Teresa, anyone would be proud to wear one!

  4. I also would be proud to wear one, wish I was in the swap...

  5. Ohh nice eye candy!!
    ~xx Barb xx~


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