Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Owls....a whole bunch of them!

This would make a great group card, wouldn't it?

With so many Odd Bird Planet owls available, there's sure to be one that represents every member of a group. Just to inject a little more personality into the little guys, I punched some of them out so it looks like they are shy and peeking at what's going on, or a little crooked so it looks like they are non-conformist (there's one in every group, isn't there?), or right at the bottom of the square to make them look short.

From the top left: Owl-bert big owl, Teresa's Muttonchops owl, Flo owl, Karrie's little joe owl, Alma big owl, Teresa's Business owl, Madricaine owl, Irene's Strongman owl, Karrie's Edgar owl, and last but not least, For you (whimsy).

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