Saturday, 13 June 2009

A sale!

In honour of Father's Day in the US, OBP will be running a Father's Day Sale, starting right now and running through June 22nd!

The following stamps will be on sale for 25% off! Click on this LINK and then simply type the code or stamp name into the "Quick Search" field at the top of the page!

Here's the list!

1402G Happy Father’s Day
1434I U-pipe
1420B S-pipe
1243Q Pipes
1427E Toolbelt
1411D Ladder
1423BB Bucket
1230M 3 Pipers Piping
1416C Bucket Plumber Bird
1415D Coffee Plumber Bird
1281E Piper Piping With Faucet
1283J Pipers Piping in Shower
1287E Pipers Piping on Bench
1282G Pipers Piping Under Sink
1424E Tattoo Plumber Bird
1417B Tool Belt Plumber Bird
1432N Barn
1433I Barn Stall
1435C Lunchbox and Thermos
1400E On Father’s Day
1474F Carlos the Bull Left
1473F Carlos the Bull Right
1560H Brawny Strong Bird
1500J Larry Strong Bird
1559H Mr Wilson Hat and Tie Bird
1513I Ringleader
1620J Work Van Left
1237J Work Van Right
1547I Woodrow Western Duckie Left
1546I Woodrow Western Duckie Right
977C Theodore Left
976C Theodore Right
1920C Karrie’s Casey Cowboy Owl
1958N Kelly’s Gnome Carpenter
1939G Kelly’s Gnome in PJ’s
1871Q Kelly’s Gnome on Branch with Birds
1957W Kelly’s Gnome Train
1943I Kelly’s Gnome with Workbench
1730E Kelly’s Gnome Man Left
1731E Kelly’s Gnome Man Right
89J Scooter
1300F You Rock (jj mix)
1299C You Rock (whimsy)
1280A Max Rocker Owl
1271K 3 Drummers Drumming
1270L 3 Drummers Marching
1268O 4 Drummers Drumming
1419E Brody No Drum Left
1418E Brody No Drum Right
1269D Drum
1316E Rock and Roll (gothic)

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