Monday, 6 October 2008

Gargantuan Collaborative Effort

Last Saturday was the culmination of months of work. Some very good friends came over to my house to bind 31 collaborative books. This was a swap on ArtyOz, an online yahoo group.

Collaborative is the operative word for this project. 31 people contributed pages (that's the largest book I've ever been part of), and quite a number of people helped along the way.

Gail found an image for the cover, Greta worked some Photoshop magic, Lesley from Little Bits supplied the chipboard for the covers, Philippa provided the Tim Holtz charms, and the most amazing team ever assembled came to my house on Saturday to put it all together.

We painted:

We cut:

We burned:

We ate:

Kathy, Debbie, Jo,
Gail, Greta, Liz and I worked in shifts from 10am til 10pm and finally, they were done.

This is the final result:

I keep saying - NEVER AGAIN, but in a couple of months, when I'm still carrying this book around, showing anyone who sits still long enough, I won't remember all the hard work, broken nails, sore back and swollen feet. The only memory I'll have is the adventure I've had with my friends, and the wonderful book 31 people from all over the country have made.

Well done everyone - this has been a true collaborative effort!


  1. WOW...thanks Teresa and thanks to production line gals...I can't wait to get mine back..Teresa the covers look will have to think hard for next keep setting the level higher and higher

  2. WOW a huge thank you to all the girls who helped put this book together. Would loved to have given a hand but Im a fit far away in Darwin. The cover looks great and I cant wait to get my book back to check it all out.
    Cheers Rhonda

  3. Wow that's a mammoth effort Teresa...great result too. Please pop back to my blog for a surprise and then email me. Cheers!

  4. Well done girls, it looks amazing.

  5. They look fabulous, and wow what a team you had going. Thank you Teresa and all the girls involved in making it all come togeather.. Your work will not go unnoticed. I cant wait to get my hands on my first ever collab book..

  6. Wow - that looks fantastic!! The cover is amazing. Thank you to all of you who put so much effort into putting the covers together, and for those who donated supplies. Thanks Teresa for housing the books through all of this, and for all your hard work!!

  7. Teresa what a huge job for you all Im glad you had time to eat though Yum those cakes.Your such a wonderful person to under take this task every year.A huge Thank you to you and your helpers

  8. WOW!!
    I wish I was there to help you out - thank you to everyone for their assistance. It looks incredible. I've taken part in several collabs before, and this looks like the chunkiest, most interesting one so far!! Can't wait for it to arrive in my mail box........

  9. oh, I'm going to have to post this book on my blog too!


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