Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I've been hearing rumblings about these little things called twinchies - they're inchies, but instead of one inch square, they are guessed it.....two inch squares.

I recently ran a swap in one of the groups of which I am a member. We had to make twinchies, using black, white, orange and one other colour. I used the gorgeous set of Papercraft Studio stamps I won some time ago, and this is my little creation:

I initially thought it was a bit plain - especially compared to the wonders the rest of the girls came up with, but the more I look at it the more I like it. There's a bit more depth in the colour IRL - not quite so flat looking.

I've decided to frame it in a decorative black shiny frame - if and when I ever find one that small!

Back soon with a pic of all the twinchies together - I love how they look!

PS - I used this set of stamps on another ATC, and the owner of the company has put a pic of it on her blog here! I just saw it today and it's given me my morning *tingle.*


  1. Fun fun fun! Your blog is the first time Ive heard of twinchies. I always thought inchies were a little too small for me, so this may be a good option. TFS


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