Sunday, 27 July 2008

up late again

no particular reason - just blurfing and reflecting on what a great day it was today.
I took the children to the museum (again!) after dropping Sammy off at work at a careers expo. They looooove the museum - there's so much to see, and I try and concentrate on a different area every time we go so it always seems fresh to them.
It was funny on Friday - Jake invited his little friend to go with us, and his reply was "I've already been." There was this akward silence then - his friend not understanding why you'd ever want to go to the museum again, and Jake not understanding why anyone wouldn't want to go back again and again. He he.

Anyway - wanna see even more new images? The first one is by me:

and it also comes in an all-seasons option without the writing. I drew this with the idea of putting some little critters inside it poking out the top.

This second image is one by Johanna herself, aint he cute?


  1. Very cool stamps Teresa, especially the vulture and the halloween ones.... Great meeting you too the other Saturday, hope to catch up again soon.

  2. These are very cool Teresa Congrats Girlfriend


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