Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I'm gifted!

I mean to say that I've received a most wonderful objet d'art from an artist I admire very very much. Her name is Liz, and she is one amazing person.

I joined a swap she organised, and we each had to send another person a bag of our junk to make something and return. I've already posted about what I made for Elaine here. I had the honour of send my junk to Liz.

And here is what she made with some of it:

I was just about moved to tears, and this is why: When I did the Michael DeMeng workshop in February this year, he had a number of his pieces for sale. I dearly wanted to own one, but there was no way I could afford one - not with a family to feed. (Does anyone else hear a little violin playing?).When I opened Liz's parcel yesterday and saw what she had made me, I felt like I finally owned a DeMeng. But it was even more special than that, because it's a one of a kind, made especially for me.

Liz, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart - you are one talented lady! You've completed me!

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  1. How awesome is this This is stunning.Liz is such a talented girl


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