Wednesday, 9 January 2008

More house photos

By popular request (well, Gail at least!), here are some photos from the front of our house.

This is a shot from the left hand corner of the block, showing the fledgling rockery, Sammy's car in the driveway, and a tiny bit of his beloved lawn.

This is the view from the right hand side of the block, showing more of Sammy's lush lawn and the rest of the driveway. That garden bed to the right of the front door is our next big job. (That's the shadow of my head at the bottom of the shot).

And these are my beautiful little young roses. I'm expecting big things from these babies in the years to come.
I'll post more photos when I have something new to show (which might be a while - my back hurts from carting rocks we used to landscape the pergola!).


  1. Now thats better we can see where all those big rocks went to, and Sam's lawn is really green how are you watering it???


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