Saturday, 12 January 2008

New banner

I've just discovered how to put a photo behind my blog title (yep I know - bit slow on the uptake!). I've used a photo of a wedding bouquet I did for a friend a couple of years ago.

When she came to me and said she wanted roses, I agreed to do her wedding flowers. But then she said she also wanted lotus pods and succulents, I said she was crazy! In the end I just loved the look. Would you believe the lotus pods are actually artifical? The succulent came out of her mum's garden - her mum was thrilled to be able to provide them. The grey stringy bits are Spanish moss.

This is the groom's buttonhole arrangement - it's noice, unyusual..........

And this was the cake I made her in the same theme. It's still one of my favourites of all the cakes I've ever made:


  1. You make cakes and bouquets too? Please show us more!

  2. Whoppeeee!! If I hadn't been married - that's what I'd wanted my bouquet to look like. SUPER!!

  3. Is there anything you can't do....Supergirl....!!!!!

  4. What a girl, you have so many talents, artist, cake decorater and florist where does it stop not to forget Mother, Wife, Friend, Relative,Housewife,Chemist,Comedian and I"m sure many other "Banners"

  5. Wow, this bouquet is fanTAStic! I love the mixture of flora you used. I love succulents and this is just so different. I LOVE your blog banner,too.

  6. Ness got there before me - are there no ends to your talents.

    I I ever decide to get married again (and that is after you have locked me in a cupboard for a month and I still profess to want to do it) then I know ehere I am coming for my bouquet!
    hey there better be cake for the next collaborative book puttogether gettogether!


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