Friday, 26 October 2007

The Baptism and the yellow dress

On the 14th of October, we baptised our beautiful little niece Isabel. This is a photo of Isabel above, and one of all of us below. She's pulling Jake's hair the cheeky little monkey! It's also how we would look if we became insane and had another child. We already have too too many!

A few of my friends have asked to see a photo of me in the yellow dress - this is it, the only photo! It shows me in all my voluptuous glory, before I had to take the girdle off because it was constricting my breathing. Notice Sammy went out and bought himself a matching shirt and tie so that we would look like a couple. Even though you can always tell that we are a couple because of the arguing and filthy looks.


  1. Great pictures! You have a beautiful family and your niece is just adorable!!


  2. You all look lovely!! (I know what you mean about "the looks"

  3. Hey the dress looked great and so did the rest of the family, Sam's shirt looks very spiffy

  4. You look gorgeous In that Yellow dress.Your niece is such a Little cutie pie

  5. Your neice Isabel is a cutie. I bet she looks like her mum. A reliable source tells me she's gorgeous!

  6. You looked absolutely stunning in the yellow dress - I only wish I had a yellow dress like that!! Sammy scubbed up ok - although I also loved his tie! I always thought your adorable niece got her looks from YOU??!! I


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