Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Little magnets

I love sticking things to the fridge - kids' artwork, invitations, school notices etc. Over time, all the beautiful magnets I collected on my travels have been damaged and thrown away.

Along come a bunch of little justjohanna stamps, and hey presto - I've got a colleciton of new magnets in just a few minutes. Here's what I did:

1 Stamp a few justjohanna images onto colourful cardstock.
2 Punch them out using a small circle punch.
3 Using Dimensional Magic, glue them onto the bottom of some glass pebbles.
4 Wait for them to dry, and glue some small round magnets to the bottom of them. Done!

Here are some of mine in a little gift box:


  1. These are wonderful. They would be a great new baby gift in a baby theme. As soon as you have kids - you have stuff stuck to the fridge!


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