Sunday, 24 June 2007

Finally - it's complete

This has been in the making for months, and now it's complete. I'm feeling such a sense of achievement - this calls for chocolate. Before I pop down to the shop to buy some, here are the photos of my book from the ArtyOz altered book round robin for 2007.

I finished this cover last night at Donna's house, so it's uber fresh. The theme of my book is fairly self-evident.

This is the page by the wonderfully talented Julian Buttenshaw. I'm honoured to be a recipient of some of her work. I love the background - the page as a whole has so much dimension.

This is the page by Vanessa Henry. I love all the elements - I can't stop looking at this page.

This is the page by Donna Taylor. This would be one of my all-time favourites, love that colour scheme.

And last but not least, a page by Greta Young. Lovely isn't it? I love the faux pressed-tin paper. The letters did not photograph very well - it says U can leave your hat on, which is clearly how Greta likes her encounters d'amour. (Just kidding Gretz!). This page is so touchable!

Thanks guys for going to so much effort in my book. I love it!


  1. Hi Teresa

    thanks for your kind words about my was really an honour to work in your book...hang on I was the hostess and chose the groups...pssst...I picked your book as I wanted you to work in my book....Love your work Teresa...

  2. Do you ever sleep, your work is wonderful as ever

  3. Great work Teresa !! Love the cover !!

  4. Teresa wow the book looks amazing you must be pleased with it some very talented ladies there


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