Wednesday, 31 January 2007

I'm back

Wow - those 2 months went by soooo quickly! I've been incredibly busy - we've had Christmas, welcomed a new year, sold our house and moved into a temporary one. This is the first chance I've had to draw breath!
Art-wise I've been a bit quiet of late due to all my stuff being in boxes. This is work from the past couple of months:

This is a card I made for a little friend of ours who turned 4. You can probably guess her name ;). I was really into glittering chipboard letters towards the end of last year. They look lush.

This one's for my good friend Cate, who turned 36 again this year. I used some gorgeous new Christina Re paper - it's flocked. I just can't seem to say that word without grinning. Flocked. He he.
Photo was taken on the dashboard of my car while I was waiting for my son Jake to get out of school.
These are a couple of giant puzzle pieces I altered for a swap. Each person got to request how their pieces were styled and the colours - I got Vintage Men and Quirky. These pieces are as big as my hand - which is pretty big because I have man hands.
Well that's all I've had time to take pics of so far. I hope to get the camera out again soon, so stay tuned.

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