Sunday, 19 November 2006

I love playing with new toys!

I just love it when Lesley gets new toys in at Little Bits. Occasionally I get to play with them tee hee! This is what I came up with when I got to play with not one but two new things - a story board kit (forget which company makes this), as well as some new Scrapbooking Australia papers. I added some beautiful ribbons and some other odds and ends. This was so much fun! They are photos of my daughter Rachel (who is now a BIG girl at 3 and a half years of age).
This sample is now hanging up at Little Bits, and it makes me smile when I walk past it. I remember Rachel before she could talk - it was a lovely peaceful 5 minutes!! I reckon she said her first words as we cut the cord!
Oh - I don't scrapbook. Is this scrapbooking? Oh.

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