Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Handmade with love

Well I'm back and it's a brand new year, and I'm ready to tackle it head on. I've spent a few days in my studio dealing with the clutter and making some decisions I've been putting off for a while.

We took the Christmas decorations down pretty early this year - they hung around far too long last year, and I didn't like how it made me feel, so down they went before new year's eve. Before I packed everything away, I took pics of the handmade Christmas cards I received this year.

From top left:
Jo, a friend I want to spend more time with this year
Cheryl, the cupcake queen who'll be getting a call shortly about learning to make her famous meringue icing for cupcakes :)
Lesley, who owns Little Bits where I teach classes. In her card she thanks me for helping her through 2010 while she received treatment for breast cancer. In reality, she did more for me than she'll ever know  - she made me feel needed and appreciated, and  for that I'm thankful to her.
Gail, another friend I want to see more in 2011 (your tiles are coming, I promise!)
Lynne, who doesn't know how amazing I think she is. She saved me more than once last year ;)
Jill, a lovely lady I've met through teaching classes at Little Bits - with her card she catered for my wreath fetish yay!

And the next lot:
Anne, a friend I met when I was a young 16 year old learning calligraphy. She has faithfully sent me a
Christmas card every year since.
Barb Porritt, who is always smiling despite adversity - what an amazing lady and talented stamper.
Bev who keeps me motivated and pushes me ever so gently to be a better cardmaker and scrapbooker. It's a bit hard to see, but the kraft cardstock (yum) is distressed (wahoo) and there's a little bird in the top right of the card (be still my heart!)
Rachel, who has stepped up valiantly this year at Little Bits and done some incredible things at uni too. She makes awesome cards to boot.
Marie, an invaluable part of the machine that is Little Bits.
Ros, another lady who regularly takes classes at Little Bits - love love love the wreath and crackle background on this card!

This is a gorgeous little easel card from Joan, my new Stampin' Up pusher. (yeah - I'm a bit addicted to SU now LOL):

 And this beautiful long tall card is from my beautiful long tall friend Kerry, who has also had one of the worst years on record, but can always manage a laugh and a smile:

I'm sure there were one or two other cards, but they weren't on the buffet when it came time to pack up. If you sent me one and it's not here, rest assured your card is enjoying its secondment to one of the girls' rooms.

Thank you to my wonderful friends for sending me your handmade cards - it's certainly one of the highlights of  my Christmas!

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  1. You've got some talented friends.

    Best wishes for a new year filled with health, happiness, prosperity, love, laughter, and loads of craftin' mojo!


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