Friday, 28 August 2009

The circus life

Do you ever feel like this:

Sometimes I think my head will explode, but then I think of life without the craziness, and let's face it, it would just be boring.

I love the chaos that comes with raising three children, and working, an being an internet addict and playing with paper. I might have an almighty TO DO list everyday, but it's all the little things that happen in between that make it interesting, don' t you think?

I have used Tall Tent and Life is a Circus stamps from Odd Bird Planet. Thanks for looking!


  1. Life is a circus..but it sure is fun! Love the new look too!!

  2. I LOVE your card!!!! The colors are perfect! And the layout is FAB! life is a circus as we speak! I'm watching 3 additional kids for 2 days! Ahhhh!

  3. What a happy card. Love the pom poms!

  4. teresa, I saw this on the Moxie Fab blog hop - congrats!!!

  5. This card is to absolutely die for! It ROCKS! I love it.

  6. This rocks. Moxie Fab? Cool! Congrats.

    I love the card. Those stamps (tents & sentiment) are so screamingly useful!


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