Thursday, 27 August 2009

Spring clean

I've been fiddling with my blog - you'll notice a few new things around here.

First up is the header photo of some rusty barbed wire. This is a photo I took up at my BIL's place in Urana, NSW. Beautiful red dirt, rusty stuff lying around all over the place, and no one around to ask "what are you taking photos of that for?" They are in their umpteenth year of drought - maybe we should move up there because every time we visit it seems to rain a little bit!

Second change on the blog is the Followers thingy. You can click on it if you want to follow my blog and be notified when I update it.

Third change is the addition of some clocks - Melbourne time, California time and Madrid time. If you live in California or Madrid, please let me know if I've set these up correctly. I have been known to get it wrong LOL.

Speaking of Spring, check out these photos taken at my house on Tuesday night:

Yeah - a freakish hail storm. The children squealed all the way through it - "It's snowing. Woo hoo!" I guess it was exciting. All I was worried about was a) not getting the camera too wet while I was outside barefoot taking photos, and b) mopping up all the water that blew in under the front door. This is the front door mat:

I'll have a card to share with you tomorrow - thanks for stopping by!


  1. LOVE your header photo Teresa!!

  2. Hi Teresa,
    I cannot see the clock from the pc where I am right now. Also I'm not be able to become a follower, but I follow you via Google Reader ;)
    Love the new look of your blog.
    Un beso desde la calurosa España

  3. Im in Melbourne too! I wonder if we are neighbors?


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