Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I've been seduced..

....by Sarah's Inkurable Stampers challenge for this month. I don't know what it is about playing cards that is so seductive - could it be the colours, the designs, the fortunes won and lost....who knows!

Anyway, this is my contribution:

And here's a close up of the playing card bit:

Yeah - more of those quilled roses. See the face card design on the inside of the roses, and the reverse of the playing cards for the leaves. Just love those colours!

This is a little note to Donna and anyone else interested : quilled rose tutorial is coming, so stay tuned. Give me a week or so, and you too will be addicted to making these babies!


  1. I think it's the risk...lol! This is awesome! It's so unique and interesting!

  2. UAU!! Such beautiful and stunning details!! Great idea!

  3. looking forward to the quilled roses tutorial. they look great.

  4. This card is SOOOOO cool! LOVE it!

    Looking forward to the rose tute too!

  5. THis is a very cool Card I love the roses Very cool

  6. This is gorgeous. The quilled card roses look fantastic. I love the black rhinestone swirlies.



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