Monday, 2 November 2009

A mammoth task

This year marks 10 years since Lesley opened Little Bits. During this time, she has built a community around her little shop, a warm, lovely, encouraging environment. I have made many wonderful friendships through Little Bits, some of which I can already tell will be lifelong. I just don't want to let these girls go - ever!

She had a bit of a party to celebrate this achievement in early October, and I wanted to make her something significant to commemorate this event. Let's face it, not everyone can open a business and make it grow and flourish the way she has! Tile canvases seem to be all the rage at the moment - I contributed to one earlier this year (see this post on Jo's blog). So here is what I made for Lesley:

You can click on the image to make it grow if you want a closer look.

If I had make individual tiles, it would have needed over 320 of the little suckers, so you can see where I started running out of time and had to make double, triple and quadruple sized tiles. All up it took me around 40 hours, that included 2 overnight sessions.

It now hangs over the doorway to the classroom at Lesley's shop. I think she put it out of my reach because I spent the next few visits to her shop "fixing" things on it. I love that she holds my piece in such high regard - makes me feel warm inside. I'm sure she makes everyone feel like that - it may even be the secret to her success *wink*.


  1. Ooopps! So sorry special lady, your name is first now!

    Congratulations to Lesley, and your piece is stunning Teresa, as is everything you do!

  2. WOW amazing Teresa, Lesley must be thrilled!

  3. Wow what an amazing piece of art! It must have taken you ages .. let alone sapped all of your creative juices!
    Lesley is one very lucky lady!

  4. Teresa it is beautiful, she must have been stunned when she received it, such a beautiful thought and gift!!

  5. OMG Teresa this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    (Looks sooooo much better with different sized tiles)

    I am storing this away in the back of my mind as I must make one of these one day...


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