Saturday, 14 March 2009

Where is my little boy?

My shower was interrupted this morning by Jake, asking "Where has your 8 year old gone?" Gone forever! My little boy is now 9 years old.

(If you're wondering where the other candles are, well they were sparklers, and I just didn't get my camera out in time LOL).

Here he is enjoying his birthday present from us - a big bike:

I distinctly remember my 9th birthday - I too got a bike, but unlike Jake, I was unable to ride it outside because I had the mumps. I'm pretty sure Jake had a much better day.

None of us were in the mood for a big party so soon after the death of our BIL, so Sammy and I decided to talk Jake into inviting 3 bestest friends for an evening of fun, food and bowling. Here are the invitations - a bit late, but that's what happens when your mum can't just print any old thing out on the computer and pass it off as an invitation ;)


  1. Happy Birthday to your son, Jake:)
    Love your invitation cards!!

  2. Belated Birthday Wishes to your son.

    Great invitation.

  3. Happy Birthday Jake! You look so grown up on your big bike, Joanne.


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