Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Top o' the morning to ya!

Aaaah - it's St Patrick's day today.

My favourite memory of this day was when I was backpacking across Europe. I hadn't heard spoken English for weeks, so it was nice to drop into a pub in Salamanca, Spain and have a pint (or several) of ice cold green guiness, surrounded by other gregarious english-speakers, singing songs I knew some of the words to, until the wee hours. Please excuse my reverie of a misspent youth - those were the days!

Anyway, back to the cards. Here are a couple I made with my Odd Bird Planet stamps. I picked one of the owls with a beard (Santa Flo Owl) because when you colour him in green, he can look like a leprechaun.
I hope your day is wonderful - have a green guiness, sing a loud song and think of me!


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