Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Pardon my absence...

...but since my last post, we have experienced the worst natural disaster this country has ever seen.Bushfires have ravaged much of our state - there have been many lives lost (some estimates say upwards of 300!).

There were some fires about 5km from my home, and 5 homes were lost before the fire was brought under control - this fire was started by a thoughtless person fixing his fence with his angle grinder! Unfortunately, it is believed some of the larger fires still burning have been deliberately lit. What sort of repugnant individuals would do such a thing?

It has been very difficult to concentrate on anything with the smell of burnt lingering, and constant reports of devastation on the tv and radio. It makes me even more thankful I have my family around me and we are safe. My heart goes out to everyone affected by these fires, and I praise the efforts of the CFA and other emergency personnel, some of whom are helping others despite their own personal loss. Check this out!

These photos are from the various online news services.


  1. Horrible bushfires... Stay safe...

  2. This is just tragic. I am glad you are safe.

  3. My heart goes out to everyone in Australia. Such a tragedy.

    I'm just thankful that you and your family are safe.


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