Wednesday, 21 January 2009

All about me

No prizes for guessing what this little book will be about!

I used the Pam and Buster image from InStyle Stamps. Just colouring her dress a different colour gives a whole different feel to the image - see the card I made here. I thought diamentes on her shoes was still a requisite ;), and I drew polka dots on Buster's little jacket so he'd match Pam (this is soooo Paris Hilton!).

This book measures around 4 inches, bound with my new favourite toy - my Bind-it-all. I thought I'd fill it with important things about my favourite subject. I made it little on purpose - I don't want to give myself a big head!


  1. You are such an enabler! Now I need a bind-it-all!!!! ROFL! Oh congrats on your DT spot :) They would've been crazy to pass you up!

  2. I love your card....I just want to hug Buster...

  3. This is fabulous! And thanks for playing along with my Blogoversary blog candy today :) You have a super blog!

  4. oh how fun! I'm jealous you got a binditall. I've been eyeing them up for some time now.


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