Monday, 8 December 2008

ARTful journal class

This time it's a class I taught. Last Sunday at Little Bits, and I was honoured to have Jo and her daughter Sarah, Bev Robbo, Ros and Anne in my class. Brave women to book into a class without seeing a sample first!

My students were treated (or subjected LOL) to me for a full day class. We made what is basically a book with a twist - each page had a pocket behind it. I turned mine into a perpetual birthday calendar (the calendar was on the front of the page, and birthday cards can be stored in the pocket behind). Bev made hers into a photo album - she'll be taking photos of her grandchildren at her house and storing them month by month. Brilliant idea! The covers are made from scratch - we covered, painted, sponged, cut the little windows, and embellished. I loved the bit where we added the ribbon on the spine - that meant we were nearly finished!

The challanging part of the class was using the Zutter Bind-it-all to bind our journal/albums/books, but by the end I think everyone who was interested (- not talking about anyone in particular Bev hehe) had the hang of it. I love teaching, but Sunday was extra enjoyable. I had a smile on my face all the way home.

Here I am with Sarah and her book with Ros hard at work in the background:

Here another photo Jo was kind enough to send me (thanks Jo! I'm always forgetting the camera):

That's my sample at the very back, then Sarah and Bev in the middle row, and Jo and Ros in the front. Unfortunately Anne had already left when this photo was taken, but her cover was green and had a little bird on it - too cute. I think you'll agree - brilliant work all round!


  1. OOOH your journal looks wonderful I'm sure they'll be coming back for more!

  2. Those books look fabulous!

  3. The Journals look wonderful
    Bet it was a fun class

  4. Clever you! You'll have to let me know when you're teaching again .. I'd love to be a happy participant.
    ~xx Barb xx~


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