Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Back in the land of the living

I'm slowly recovering from an awesome weekend. Paperific was on this weekend, and oh my goodness, what an exciting, exhausting four days!

I worked for Lesley of Little Bits all four days. On Thursday we packed up the shop in the morning, then set up the stand in the afternoon. I met Philippa from Lime Tart there and liked her so much I brought her home to stay a couple of nights.

Friday was the first day of the show, and boy was it busy! We saw no evidence of the so-called economic crisis at all. Here's a pic of the stand in a quiet moment:

Friday night is the night the girls from ArtyOz (a yahoo group I belong to) go out to dinner. We have an expanding core group of us (welcome Sue!), and then we usually have some interstate visitors come along too. This year we had Philippa, Genevieve and her sister Natalie, Julie Van Ooosten, and Elaine and some friends who had a little trouble finding the restaurant. We ate at Medici at Docklands - food was good as always and the company was delightful. Thanks Greta for organising it all and getting this wonderful group of people together in the first place:

Here's a close up of Philippa and I:

On Saturday I dropped Philippa off at the airport, then off to another full-on day at the show. Rachel Greig popped in to do some demonstrating, so now I've met her and I'm one step closer to being famous for knowing a bunch of famous people.

Rachel was fantastic - she demoed with her range of Darkroom Door photochips, and one sweet lady even bought a set of Darkroom Door stamps so that Rachel could autograph them! Rachel asked me to video a little bit of her demonstration, so that should be appearing on her blog soon.

The Sunday was a little quieter, so we got a chance to shop a little more (as if I needed the help!), and then we packed up after another successful show. We were all exhausted, but I had so much fun with the girls on the stand, that I would do it all again tomorrow. I realised when I uploaded the photos I took of the show that I didn't get a group shot, so I'll have to make sure I get one next time. They are happy, enthusiastic, and very knowledgable, and just so much fun, it's an honour to work with them all.

It was fabulous to see some friends (hi Barb!) and meet new ones (hi Bernie!). I can't wait for the next show - I'll be buying myself some of those big fat shoes you can only get at the chemist before then feet are killing me!


  1. It was so nice to meet you Teresa, I hope we can catch up again one day soon! (for a bit longer this time!)
    Loooove the blog's pink and black polka dots!

  2. I'm so glad you had a great time at the show. Isn't Rachel the best! I spent some time with her on Friday ... next time I see you I will have to kidnap you and take you for a coffee and "chat".
    Be good and I'll see you soon!
    ~xx Barb xx~

  3. Awesome to see you last weekend Teresa I was so Happy with my Collabrative book you did an awesome job

  4. Hi Teresa!! It was so great to meet you!! Thanks for a great day at the show! :)


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