Monday, 18 August 2008

My Inner Circle

That's the title of this little book I made using some circles I cut using a Cricut. I chose blue and brown Paper Salon paper, and some recent photos I printed in black and white. My printer got greedy, and instead of just taking the sheet of photo paper, it grabbed the plain paper underneath as well and printed on that. In the end I liked the muted tones of the plain paper better than the photo paper, so I used the boo boos instead.

Anyway, I guess you want to see the book - here it is. It's open and standing up on its own, so you're looking at the middle of it:

It's chunky with bits hanging out all over the place - a bit like me in jeans LOL! It's little too - fits in the palm of your hand (unlike me!).
Have a fabulous day everyone, and thanks for dropping in to my little blog.

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  1. Hey love the colours that you have used and the photos look great, even the one of you LOL


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