Sunday, 16 March 2008

A Christmas card and Grungeboard news

These two topics are seemingly unrelated, but please stay with me......

The Christmas card is one I whipped up using bits from the Lime Tart A la Tarte kit for March. Why a Christmas card? Some of you will remember that I've resolved to try out a design or two per month in order to avoid the last minute panic in December. This card has the sentiment "Feliz Navidad" which is Merry Christmas in Spanish. Clearly this was meant for someone from Andalucia, because I coloured the baubles in the branches to look like oranges (there are cities in southern Spain where streets are lined with inedible orange trees). All stamps by justjohanna, and all available at Lime Tart.
Also available at Lime Tart is Grungeboard, but just to add to the excitement, it is available BY THE SHEET! This is wonderful if you just want to have a little play with it to see what all the fuss is about, but also good if you are trying to complete a swap and need just one more of a particular shape. Check it out here.
See - the two unrelated topics came together in the end. Ha! The take home message here is: all roads lead to Lime Tart...............


  1. Beautiful Teresa, you have inspired me to do the same, I always have such good intentions and end up never sending any!! Oh and the tin is gorgeous, thanks for the flower tip.

  2. Love it Teresa! Can I order one of those LOL ;-)

  3. Love the card, love the colours. What a great idea to start now, I might have to join you.


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