Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Our Christmas tree for 2007

It's finally up! I'm made to wait until December 1 to put it up, but this year I worked and did on call all weekend, and I was just too tired to put up a tree.

On Monday night I had three little helpers. We started at 7:30, then we had stop to go to K Mart to get some flashing lights. We got back at 8:30, and didn't finish putting everything up until 10pm (and it was a school night!).

I got most of the rusted decorations from Cinammon Country, and the red shiny baubles from $2 shops in the area. The children are so pleased with it, they are inviting complete strangers over to our house to see the tree.

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  1. Skipped by your blog today and I'm so glad I did. You do some fantastic art and it's very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.
    The Stamping Queen


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