Sunday, 4 November 2007

The Delightful Jenny C

I had the absolute pleasure of attending a couple of classes with Jenny Crossley. She's an amazing more or less self-taught artist. Her blog is amazing - wander on over and check it out sometime. Gail kindly opened her home to us - thank you Gail!!

The first thing we made was a house pendant, like the ones Jenny made for Paperific this year. I still can't believe she made more than one of these to give away! **Happy Dance** Now I know how to make a wire nest! It's so easy (when you know how!).

The second thing we made was this junk bracelet:
I couldn't believe all the stuff that Jenny puts onto one of these masterpieces!

The last thing I did was some soldering. I was so excited to finally have a go at this. It's a bit rough (and the photo is even rougher!), but this little piece holds so much value for me. It's something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and to be taught to do it by a talent such as Jenny, well I was stoked. I will be doing more pieces like this in the near future (well, maybe after Christmas when I get a soldering iron). Sally Jean Alexander - look out!!


  1. I am so so jealous....I love what you guys have done...I want to make a wire nest as well....
    Brad keeps telling me he will teach me to solder...I might just have to take him up on his offer after seeing what you have done..
    nice work Teresa

  2. What me delightful!!! are you sure we were both at the same class!!!!
    your birdhouse was amazing .
    And your junk bracelet is awesome

  3. awesome! that looks like it was so much fun!


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