Tuesday, 15 May 2007

more torso

I finished Jo's torso and the night was still young, so I started on another one. This time instead of acrylics I've used my twinkling H2Os (about time they were dusted off!). I've stamped an Autumn Leaves scroll in purple StazOn, and added some little diamentes to the wings. Same colours as Joanne's torso, but this time I've added a touch of pink. Quite noice, even if I do have to say so myself because Sammy has fallen asleep in front of the telly again.
Where's my broomstick? I'm off to poke at the smoke alarm. It's funny when Sammy wakes up in a panic - he can never open his eyes enough and always bumps into something. Ha ha.


  1. Wow Teresa,
    This is very impressive. Love the colors and stamping design. How hard was it to stamp over all the contours.

  2. Hi Cate,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Stamping around the curvy contours of this torso (made in my image) was easy. Unmounted stamps were made for this very job. As were gloves, which I didn't wear when I used StazOn and that's why I had purple hands for the next few days! Live and learn Teresa!
    See ya,


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