Friday 26 August 2016

Back to Basics with Gel Press®

We're heading back to basics with this Gel Press® blog hop. I had a look around the house to see what I could use to create patterns and textures with my plate.
Starting with my 8 x 10 Gel Press plate, some black paint and a brayer:

The results of my experiments are wonderfully interesting! I decided to use black paint so that the effects would show up well on white paper. I spread black paint onto the Gel Press® plate, pressed the item onto the plate and pulled the print. Here we go:

Here's what bubble wrap looks like:

And giant bubble wrap:

I went into the garden and found a nice Cycad leaf. It's relatively flat and quite sturdy:

Then I pressed the end of a cardboard roll into the paint to create a pattern of interlocking circles:

Next I found some hard plastic packaging:

And some softer plastic packaging (from some delicious donuts):

Then I found some thick sturdy Christmas trim. I pressed it onto the paint on the plate, pulled a print, then removed the trim and pulled another print:

And here is some thick twine. The print on the left is the result of pulling a print with the twine in place, and the print on the right is the ghost print when the twine was removed (it reminds me of pictures I've seen of Ebola virus!):

Lastly I scrunched up a plastic shopping bag and pressed it repeatedly into the paint on the plate:

I had myself quite a collection of black and white prints in just a short time.  They're fine to use as they are, but I went ahead and pulled out my colour sprays. Once these dry, I will use them as backgrounds for cards and perhaps even some art journaling:

Thanks for looking! I hope you've enjoyed my ideas. The design team has some awesome back to basic ideas for you to check out. Here's the list:


Thanks again for dropping in today!


  1. I love finding new found treasures around the house to use in my printmaking, you got some really cool effects!

  2. Love that you used found objects - all great ideas

  3. Very well done, lots of great ideas! I absolutely love the Christmas trim print! :)


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