Thursday, 30 June 2016

Fabric Heart Decorations with Gel Press®

I used my Gel Press® plate to create these little fabric heart decorations:

I will use these to decorate gifts I plan to give in the coming weeks. They'll look fabulous tied onto a gift bag made from kraft paper!  Here's how I made them:

Step 1
I used my 8 x 10 Gel Press® gel printing plate, calico fabric and acrylic paint from DecoArt. I don't plan to ever wash these, so fabric medium is not necessary.

Apply acrylic paint to gel printing plate. I created a unique design using string and thread:

Once the fabric was printed and dried well,  I folded each strip in half and drew heart shapes on the back. I didn't use a template as I wanted each heart to be unique.

I then stuck a pin through both layers of fabric and cut each heart shape out. Then I turned the shapes over and repinned them. I even cut little heart shapes from the left over bits of fabric - these will be used in a future project.

Step 5
At this stage, I decided the shapes needed a little more detail, so I stamped some images on them using black and plum ink. I used a sewing machine to stitch the matching shapes together, and stuffed them with hobby fill before stitching them closed.

I added some twill and a fabric flower so that they're ready to use as a gift tag decoration:

Thanks for looking.

You can find loads more ideas on what to make with your Gel Press® gel printing plates on the Facebook group: Gel Press™ Junkies, and YouTube channel.

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