Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Crafty Organisation - Distress Ink Blending Sponges

How many fantastic ideas start with "I saw this on Pinterest......"? Well this post is about an idea I spotted and pinned to my Craft Storage Ideas board.

The pin came from the blog of Danielle Daws, and it's a fabulously handy way to store the blending sponges we use with Distress Inks.

Here's my previous storage system:

A colour chart, and plastic storage boxes with each sponge in its own little divider. Neat, but not so handy. Every time I wanted a new sponge I had to pull the box out of the shelf (I had two boxes, and I was always pulling out the wrong one...Murphy's Law, right?).

Here's the new system:

Very accessible, and very pretty.  I stamped each colour using a Prima washi tape stamp in 5 x 5cm squares, laminated the sheet and added half a Velcro dot to hold the sponge in place.

Now I just need to make some wall space so these can hang right where I need them.

A morning well spent I say! Thanks for looking.


  1. Neat idea indeed! Mine all live in a shoe box! Not sure I have the space to store the sheets!! A folder would be good.....mmmmm

    1. Hi Susan! Yes - a folder would be good. The sheets are laminated, so there's no problem with the ink making too much of a mess if they are stacked on top of each other. Do let me know how you go!


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