Saturday, 1 September 2012

A bit published....

I'm thinking of getting a letterbox with a bigger mouth so that our postman has no reason to bend magazines when they arrive. I think he does it to tick me off now, ever since I waited for him on the other side of the road to give him a letter he dropped off here that was actually for number 13. We are number 3. Anyway, back to blowing my own trumpet:

I have some cards in here for the feature on Darkroom Door's Doilies set:

and several (ok, around 13 all up) cards in here:

I've been so busy, I haven't had time to look through them properly.  I'm going to make a date with them, and it will involve a huuuuuge cup of tea, a nice bit of cake and no one else around. February 16th 2025 is looking good at this stage!


  1. Congratulations Teresa on both publications. Lucky 13!

  2. Congratulations, saw your cards in the Take Ten magazine and they are lovely

  3. Congratulations. I bought that doily stamp set on a recent trip to OZ so I'd love to see what you created with them. So far I've only used the sentiments despite pulling them out several times with the intention of using them :)

  4. Wow!!!

    Huge congrats. Now I have an official reason to buy that magazine!


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