Thursday, 9 February 2012

Felt. Excited!

Tomorrow is my next felt class with the amazing Elizabeth Armstrong. I cannot tell you how excited I am.  This time I'm sharing the excitement with Robbo who is new to felting, and Lynne and Joy who did the last class with me. I took just a couple of pics during the last class.

Here's a pic of Joy examining her beautiful scarf:

 and here's one of Lynne with her beautiful scarf (if she smiled any bigger the top of her head would fall off!):

Here's what I worked on:

It's an art doll, and in this photo I'm only half way through sewing its bottom on.  I plan to put a face on it, but I'm looking for the right elements. Besides, I can't sew a face on it until I assign a gender to it. What do you think, male or female?  And then it needs a name. Only then can I put a face on it.

I'll be back soon with pics of tomorrow's class - I can't decide what I want to make next - another scarf or some bowls. Mmmmm....decisions, decisions!


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