Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I'm baaaaaack!

Three and a half wonderful weeks - Christmas then seeing in the new year, and then just hanging with the family, learning to rest again.
I've got heaps to catch this little blog up on, which is going to be difficult with a shaped internet service. That's what you get when three little children get iPods for Christmas and discover YouTube I suppose!!
I'll start today with this canvas I put together for an ArtyOz 1-4-1 swap. It's a 5x7, and it was for Lucy who likes reds and creams:

I started with some Teresa Collins papers, a dressform by Collections, some red flowers from Prima and some wings and white flowers I had in my stash. A bit of modelling paste, buttons and acrylic paints and the canvas was done.

Lucy tells me I accidentally signed the back "Teresa - 2010" which is just an indicator of where my mind was! Eck! I do hate that stress I put myself under every December. This year will be different - I've promised myself.

Before I go, I'll share some of the insanity that goes on around these parts. This is my mate Max, who thought it was a little unusual for me to be taking pictures of something other than him.

Sniff sniff, what's this?

That would look awesome in my kennel!

How heavy is it?

Quick, before she catches me!

I got it back pretty bloody quickly! He thought it was just hilarious - I'm sure he was laughing at me, the cheeky mutt!


  1. Hi Teresa,
    Love the pics of my beautiful canvas, just LOVE it!
    Would you believe that my doggie, Otis, had a lovely time smelling it when I left it on the couch after I unwrapped it!!
    maybe he smelt your Max!
    Hugs Lucy

  2. He's so cute!!!

    Your canvas is sensational! I love it!


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