Saturday, 16 April 2011

This week.....

...has just flown! The children are on school holidays, so we're enjoying late nights and sleep ins.  After they tidy their rooms in the morning, I unleash them on the neighbourhood, unless we've got something to else to get done.

This morning we did have something else to do - dye some seam binding.  This was so much (messy!) fun.  The girls and I had a ball.  This is the result:

I'll be packing this to sell at the Buy Swap Sell at Little Bits this Sunday (11am til 2pm). I might put the remainder on Etsy, if I can work out how to open a store. If you're interested in some, please drop me a line (email addy can be found in my profile).

Right, off to enjoy another late night in preparation for another sleep in tomorrow :) Gotta love school holidays!



  1. Ooooh.So pretty all bundled up like that!

  2. It looks scrumptious Teresa!


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